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We design spaces that feel like home...your home.  With every client we meet, our aim is to create a home that is functional, beautiful, and uniquely personal. Whether you are starting with a blank slate or using well-loved items that you have had for years, our goal is to create a space that feels like it was made just for you. 

For many of us, moving to The Villages is a new chapter in our lives, one that often involves downsizing. Creating a space for new memories without completely letting go of the old can be quite overwhelming, and knowing what to keep and what will work in our new space is often challenging. This is where we can help. We begin by looking at your space with functionality in mind. This lays the foundation that ensures that this space will work well for you and your lifestyle. Next, we focus on ease and these pieces fit you, do you like them, will they work here, do you need something new?  Finally, we add a layer of beauty, incorporating the things that mean so much to you and the things that make you smile. The result is a space where you feel perfectly home. 


" There's no place like home."                       Dorothy

About Becky.

It’s simple really…I love home, I love helping others and I love design. From as far back as I can remember I’ve lived my life looking through magazines, at first imagining the perfect outfit and then imagining the perfect home.

I began my career in retail management and buying where I had the opportunity to merchandise and create floor plans for many different categories of clothing. After buying my first house I realized just how easily my skills and knowledge transferred to living spaces and my love affair with the home began. I loved the difference that a beautifully functional home made in my family’s lives and I wanted to share that with others.

For over 20 years now, I have used my sense of space, design and order to bring happiness and peace to many homes. In return I have been blessed with many dear and gracious clients who have become friends.

"Becky is so much more than a designer! We recently downsized from a large, traditional family home to a smaller, more modern style house. By asking great questions, Becky was able to create a space that functions beautifully, but more importantly, our new home perfectly reflects our style and personality. If you are downsizing or need to adapt your furniture to a new space, Becky is the only call you need to make."


"I’ve NEVER had a problem figuring out how to place my furniture or décor in my home. However, once the movers dropped everything off and I began to unpack I was at a COMPLETE loss. Nothing was working…nothing was fitting…nothing made sense. I finally realized I needed some serious help.  I reached out to Becky...she came over and started her magic...from room to room she transformed each space. What she did was spectacular, she made my house a HOME! I began to feel like we belonged here.  We were surrounded by our “things” and they all made sense. I don’t know how she does it, but everything from carpets to curtains, furniture to FANTASTIC!

Becky can take what you have and make it fabulous. If you can’t tell, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BECKY.  If you need ANY kind of help at will not be sorry.



"Becky has the unique ability to take ordinary spaces and make them special."